When you want to build a business that utilises best practice when it comes to telecommunications, it’s vital that you get the right systems in place. This often means making an investment in VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems. These are the modern form of virtually managed, affordable telecommunications platforms that allows you to get your phones for less than you would normally pay for them.

However, many people are incorrectly led to believe that VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems are going to be reduced in terms of the features they have access to. Is this true? It’s not true whatsoever. With VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems, you still get access to useful features such as call logging.

You don’t need to pay for an expensive and time consuming business solution such as physical phone set-up if you are using VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems. They are often so much easier to put into place, meaning that the cost of adding extra features – like call logging – is going to be reduced.

If the cost of operation is so low in comparison, why would it be hard for features to be included such as call logging?

VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems provides call logging and monitoring

Call logging is an essential part of protecting your staff and keeping them safe from potential harm and abuse. It’s one of the many reasons why a lot of people manage to get to work with using a VOIP hosted cloud telephone system instead: they get access to call logging for a fraction of the normal cost.

Whether it’s to evaluate the response of customers or to protect staff from accusations or abuse, you will find that call logging and monitoring is an essential part of business management. That is why having this kind of logging is so important. This will allow you to better evaluate call quality and to handle disputes without any of the usual stress. By doing this all through an encrypted and safe VOIP hosted cloud telephone system, you make sure that the calls are going to be logged for monitoring in a safe place that others cannot get access to.

This will allow for easier call recording, logging, and management. It also even makes the storage and management of your call backlog much easier to handle, ensuring that you can spend more time getting value for money and less time worrying about how you handle your phone system.

For many of us, VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems are the ideal choice for improving a UK businesses ability to communicate with potential customers. By vastly reducing the time and effort involved in creating a call logging and monitoring service, you can spend more time getting things done and less time worrying about business costs spiralling.

Now, you can protect your staff, improve customer service quality, and always have proof that call quality adheres to the standards it should. For the long-term, this is essential to improving how your business runs itself. So, why not reduce business costs without a loss of performance quality starting today?