As a business owner, when it comes to scaling or upgrading your business then knowledge of what you are doing becomes essential. Many business owners make the fatal mistake of investing too much time into systems that end up cutting functionality. For example, your phone systems in the office today. You could be using classic, traditional phone systems – and you would likely be very happy with them. However, we’re sure that you can agree that the cost of setup, usage, maintenance and scaling are somewhat excessive, yes?

Well, what can you do? After all, your business needs a phone system. The fine alternative that you could look at includes VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems. These are systems that have grown exceptionally powerful over the years and have become a feature-heavy solution for businesses looking to modernise and radicalise their phone system in the business. However, the main fear that you probably have when it comes to installing VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems is losing out on features. Is that the case? Not at all!

You can still use voicemail with VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems

For a business, voicemail is a hugely useful solution for building up leads and making sure you don’t miss out on potential clients. That is why we always recommend that you use VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems if you are serious about getting a good voicemail system. Far cheaper and more accessible than most ‘brick and mortar’ phone systems and setups, this allows for you to always have access to the voicemail system that your business needs on a regular basis.

You can still take conference calls, too

Another common fallacy is that with VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems you lose the chance to handle conference calls. That really is not the case: you can actually handle conference calls form further afield much easier using VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems. This will allow for you to get the setup that you need and to ensure that your business is never limited from when – and where – people can connect into the call.

By using a VOIP hosted cloud telephone system, you make sure that people can get more access to your calls without having to miss out or call in from an unsecured line that might not be part of the call system that you prefer they use.

This helps you to ensure that you can get everything from conference calls to call recording still put in place. Put simply, you are very much unlikely to lose out when it comes to VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems. It offers you all of the functionality that you need from your business normally, whilst giving you access to all of the features that you could need – all at reduced cost.

So, if you are looking to improve communications without forfeiting good features, VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems is definitely the best way for you to do just that.