When running any modern business in the United Kingdom, one of the most important dilemmas you need to deal with involves telephone systems security. When you are using a telephone system to field customer queries and take calls, the information being passed over the line must be 100% secure. This is an absolutely essential part of being a modern business. If you cannot provide a secure connection, you should not be taking phone calls.

However, when it comes to new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) settings, are they safe enough?

For example, should your business feel safe about investing in VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems?

Is it as safe as using a good old fashioned phone less? Yes – in fact, it’s arguably even safer.

Why are VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems secure?

When you want to improve how your business takes phone calls, moving to a VOIP system makes a lot of sense. For one, you will spend a lot less money on the fitting and adjustment of your phone needs. Many of us choose to invest in VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems because we believe that we will be spend a lot less of our income on getting the system itself fitted. And you would be right: the cost of fitting, and adding to, your VOIP hosted cloud telephone system will be far smaller than going with a traditional physical phone system.

But is it as safe? That is the big question that lots of business owners want to get answered.

The answer is that VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems are far safer than normal phone lines. Being handled through encrypted and safe connection lines, you can feel like you are getting a much clearer and safe connection. No longer will you have to worry about the phone line being insecure or intercepted, as VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems are all managed via the cloud. This means that our phone systems are kept in a secure, simple, private, virtual environment. The chance of someone being able to tamper with or damage your systems using VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems is pretty small indeed!

If you worry about eavesdropping from third parties, then do not worry about a thing. With VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems, you get a modern system that is all about privacy and security. Chats are fully encrypted, meaning that you have nothing whatsoever to worry about with regards to chats being listened to over the connection.

When you upgrade or optimise any part of the business you run, the main problem that you often will have is creating a solution that allows for genuine progression. That is why VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems have become so important; they take out much of the work and stress involved in building a cohesive business – all without any security risks.

So, if you are looking for an easy to way improve communications without having to take risks, you should look at VOIP hosted cloud telephone systems.